Q. Can I pick up my purchase? 
You certainly can, we are located at unit 6, 8-10 Burrows Rd, St Peters NSW 2044. Call us  on 02 9517 4000 and let us know you are popping in and we'll have your goods ready to go when you arrive.
Q. Do you sell to the public from your warehouse?
Yes we sell direct to the public from our warehouse at St Peters, Sydney. 
Q. Your Warranty is not long enough, can I extend it?
We can extend your warranty 12 months for an additional $125, this does not cover the battery.
Q. Do you have a service centre other than in Sydney? 
Our service and repair centre is in Sydney. We do not have a service and repair facility elsewhere. What we offer is to pick up your cart at your door and to deliver it back to you.  We charge a small fee to do this but we believe it is cheaper and more convenient than driving through toll roads etc to get to a repair centre.
Q. This machine has a USA patent. Is it Manufactured in Australia, USA or China?
How easy is it to get service and parts?
The Eagle Compac electric caddy is developed and managed by Australian engineers. The design is modular and parts are easily fitted by suitable people. This is because the design supports the plug and play concept. In Australia Eagle Compac offer a facility of pick up and delivery for service. Eagle Compac parts are purpose made using their own dies and moulds. Many of these parts and subassemblies are manufactured in China under Eagle Compac control. The Eagle Compac caddies are design protected and they also have patent protection in place. Parts are usually dispatched from Sydney Australia.
Q. How stable is the buggy as my course is a very rough course?
Eagle Compac has sold many of these products for customers on tough terrain which doesn’t cause a problem. Also because the buggy is compact the buggy needs to be driven differently, instead on driving in the hill it will need to be driven across the hills.
Q. What is the main body & frame of the buggy made (steel, aluminum or plastic?)
The main frames of these buggies are made from aluminum.
Q. Is this buggy a ride on unit?
This is an Electric walking cart and cannot be ridden.
Q. What is the maximum carry weight?
The maximum weight for carriage is 28-35kgs.
Q. The remote doesn’t seem to work?
Please change your remote controls battery. 
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