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Eagle Compact was established in 2005 as a distributor of hand and remote driven electric golf buggies in the Australian golf market.
The Eagle Compact was born from a German designer and ship builder, whose inability to comfortably carry two electric golf buggies plus golf bags in the boot of his small car. So he decided to build his own.
He designed a buggy where the front wheels push in and the body telescopes, giving it the smallest footprint of any buggy available. In addition, he required a golf buggy that was exceptionally good on a hilly golf course.
Resulting in the Eagle Compact range of powerful and compact electric golf buggies.


Eagle Compact’s mission is to enhance the golfing experience by providing unique, high quality and reliable products through a continually improved manufacturing process. By providing value to their customers’ and exceeding expectations through the sales and support cycle, they aim to be the number one referral seller of electric golf buggies in the world with first class customer satisfaction.

Buggy Ranges

Eagle Compact currently has two ranges of electric caddies. These are the compact four wheel range and the traditional three wheel range. The traditional range was launched for those customers who liked the brand but were uncomfortable with the unique design of the compact range. There is currently one full remote model in the traditional range and two models within the compact range being the hand driven and full remote.

A key feature of the product range is the ability to fold down to the smallest footprint of any competitor in the market. The benefit to the customer is ease of packing and travel when heading to and from the course.

Why an eagle compact? 

The unique design of our buggies can give you the confidence that the brand and buggy is second to none, can be notice with one look by anyone. Unlike other brands the eagle compact will proof you to be someone special; the size will and have been proven to be amazed. The eagle compact buggies has been evolved to justify for customers need, through customer’s involvement with feedback from there experience we have improved to what they believe to be an object of desire.
Eagle compact buggies are built for customer’s quality assurance. The Eagle Compact electric caddy is developed and managed by Australian engineers. Eagle Compact parts are purpose made using their own dies and moulds. Many of these parts and subassemblies are manufactured in China under Eagle Compact control. The Eagle Compact caddies are design protected and they also have patent protection in place.
All our buggies have been tested and assembled in Australia.
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